Ultra-Low Temperature Optics

Within the FQT laboratory, there is a special laser lab dedicated for conducting optical measurements at ultra-low temperatures (T < 100 mK) using a BlueFors LD400 cryogen-free dilution refrigerator system (funded by the Australian Research Council, UNSW Sydney and Macquarie University via LE160100069). This cryostat has optical windows in the vacuum can and radiation shields, and a 5T split pair solenoid magnet, that allows optical access from the side. Optical access from the top can be achieved with an additional window in the top plate and small apertures in the radiation shields. The lab is also equipped with a M Squared SolsTiS-1600-PSX-XF continuous-wave titanium-sapphire laser for resonant excitation between 700 and 1000 nm (funded by UNSW Sydney via the Research Infrastructure Scheme).

The ULTO lab is an open-access facility that gives Australian and international researchers the possibility to conduct optical measurements at T < 100 mK. For availability and booking requests, please email Dr Arne Laucht.

ULTO group





Mounted SampleFridge with optical window.