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We are looking for new PhD students in 2020!!!

Want to be a PhD student in one of the world leading groups in silicon quantum computing? We have multiple positions coming up in 2020. Please contact Andrea Morello for more information.


Postdoc Positions

Research Associate - silicon-based quantum computing

You will undertake research in the recently establish project: “Quantum control based on real-time environment analysis by spectator qubits” The project aims at demonstrating an unprecedented capability: a noise-cancelling system for quantum bits in silicon. The role will contribute to the design, fabrication and operation of a system of spin-based quantum bits in silicon where one acts as the “spectator” and the other as the “data” qubit. This role will give you the opportunity to develop and implement advanced control sequences for complex, multi-spin devices, in liaison with our theory collaborators, and contribute to the design and fabrication of silicon nanoscale devices where the spins can be operated and read out. While the project is based upon silicon spin qubits, we encourage applications from researchers with experience in quantum control of superconducting qubits, trapped ions or cold atoms. Many of the techniques developed in those fields for the control of multi-level quantum systems will be extended to complex spin systems within this project.

The Research Associate will join a team, led by Scientia Professor Andrea Morello, that has made several landmark demonstrations in the field, including the world’s first single-atom spin qubit in silicon and singlequbit gate fidelities amongst the highest for any solid-state qubit.

  • Salary, $95,449 - $102,091 + superannuation
  • Full time
  • Fixed-term contract until May 2021
  • Location: Kensington – Sydney, Australia

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